Clipping Path Services

Do you want to visualize your product ignoring the unwanted objects around it?

The clipping path is the best way to remove unwanted objects. Clipping path is a technique of creating a close vector direction or shape the usage of the pen tool of photoshop. Team Graphic Reign uses the pen tool to separate images/photos from unwanted objects. Mostly it is used for background Removal.


In some other cases, such as the clipping path is also used for ghost mannequin. In that case, the targeted photo/  has to separate from the background. Then, the neck or sleeves or bottom is to join. 


Besides, the clipping path is also applied for shadow services. Before creating a shadow, this is very mandatory to remove unwanted backgrounds and the clipping path helps to do that easily.


The photo on your website advertises your product and services to the visitors. The presentation of the images must be classy enough to create a greater impression that triggers your business success. Clipping Path Services come to play a key role here in creating and polishing all pristine quality images to your specifications.


Clipping Path Services at Graphic Reign is a significant percentage of all work volumes. To make it pixel perfect and absolutely immaculate, team Graphic Reign specialists use a pen tool on Photoshop and draw a path around the edge of the subject of an image and cut out the background.


Our experts have practical experience of working on a complete range of varieties in clipping path services. Few technical variables such as number of paths, number of embedded transparency (Holes), the complexity of curves, average required time, and editing efforts and skills are the major differences among the categories of clipping path Services. Try us on with a Free Trial.

Basic Clipping Path

Basic clipping path is the most elementary type of work. It is applied mainly to cut out the images of the subject having solid physical appearance with no holes. The shape of the products could have some small yet easy curves to the edges such as ball, mobile, plate, ring, egg, book, spoon.

Simple Clipping Path

For having holes in the texture and curves to the borders, the images of T-shirt, shoes, ring, watch, ear-ring, chair, camera etc. are the most appropriate subject to simple clipping path services. The workaround volume is higher by a little degree in this case.

Medium Clipping Path

Medium clipping features a greater number of anchor points made to handle the texture, with multiple holes and curves to the edges. The holes are not that way distinguished and visible because of their transparency, mostly. Experts look through carefully and insightfully for them. The likes of the product are bracelets, group shoes, group watches, motor parts, group rings, double shoes, group foods, etc.

Complex Clipping Path

By definition, this is the most complicated clipping path services. The product in the image is having either complex structure and designs or it is clustered in a group photo. Chain, group people, furniture, group bracelets, furry dolls, jewelry, net, group images, cycle etc. are the most worthy subjects.

Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple clipping path is a service package applicable to a range of products and concepts such as GIF & Flash featured animations, real estate and fashion product catalog images, e-commerce products. for the enhancement of the image subjects. The gross functions include color change; multiple holes anchored up, and touch up operations like opacity, size, rotation, filters, and effects all to the appropriate level.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Super complex clipping path works include all kinds of works to give the image the most desired look. With countless holes, mazy designs, fences some textures need a countless number of anchor points for a cut out while the rest of the task goes a little more complicated. Product examples include the flying or extra curly hair, fancy-looking ornaments such as chains, bracelets, furry dolls, trees, gates.

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