Image Masking Services

Image masking is the most efficient way of concealing the unexpected parts of your image before uploading it on the web. Image masking is also known as photo masking. Where there is not possible to execute the clipping path service by using a pen tool, image masking services are the best technique, i.e., for fur or fur related images. 


In case of background removal from images that have subjects with hair or fur, image masking services provides the best result. It is a layer adjustment operation in Photoshop that controls the visibility of the subject in the images, setting up an acceptable equilibrium between foreground and forefront colors. Depending on the number of colors needing care, the experts do all sorts of works; appearing or disappearing in some particular area of the image for some excellent reasons. All these have to be done in a non-destructive way to bring out the drama in the photo if the result has to be pixel perfect. There is a range of photoshop tools that offer you quick and easy image masking services.


Graphic Reign image editors apply their consumer experience in masking images to the most suitable look for different platforms, i.e., eCommerce, websites, magazines, etc. Team Graphic Reign has the full arsenal of image editing techniques in tracing the image, avoid any slithers of background in your cut out as well as achieve the client aspired perfect result.


The pen tool is the most go-to tool for cutting most things out, but sometimes to use this technique is very costly and that's the reason there are some cool techniques like image masking you can use for hair, fur, and other specialty subjects. They figure the super-easy way to complete the most complicated task such as cut out the hairy or fury products from the busy background specifically complex hair, trees, glass, and translucent fabrics. Clip out ornate coving, ceiling roses, and all kinds of fancy decorative plaster, moldings most often need masking to draw and save paths with the pen tool. Image Masking helps to remove background hairy or fur related products displayed on an eCommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. 


The most appropriate tonal version of your picture makes the image look perfect. If you find yourself spending countless hours cutting out images, take a little help from Graphic Reign and speed up your workflow, and improve the results.



Fur & Hair Masking

Fluffy hair, flying, and extra curly hair of the subject or model must be detained. To the edge of the hairline, thin strands of hair with semi-transparent look distort the overall outlook of the photo theme. Fury dolls or dogs or any animal pictures need this operation done with sharpest tools and brushes of Photoshop.

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Alpha Channel Masking

The alpha channel is a temporary storage of editable gray scale masks in the channels panel for further use. Generally, an alpha channel is used to define color values for pixels in an image, areas of a photo, such as to define transparency or to preserve a saved selection.

Layer Masking

Image manipulations process has a number of basics and the layer mask. If the image or part of it needs the opacity level changed to most adjustable and suitable, the layer opacity slider as a mask could selectively do the necessary modification of the opacity of multiple areas across a single layer of the image.

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Refine Edge Masking

Refine edge masking is a small patchwork move to handle the bigger image editing operations. Photoshop does a great job figuring out what is the hair and what is the background, and here the refining edge of the fury and the hairy subject comes to play. Initial pen tool selection sets layer masking easy that may further set even easier way to perform edge refining and masking. The best part of this effort is the retention of the natural look of the subject well.

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