Shadow Services

Removal of all the harsh and unwanted shadows right on the subject of your photos is one of the staple needs before placing them on the website or may other platforms like e-Commerce. Sometimes shading on the subject could be so patchy that from channels to blend modes to blend it to color range, all could fail to drop shadows.


Before executing shadow services, background removal is to do properly to make a shadow of an image. The magical tools of Photoshop are in the hands of Graphic Reign experts. They figure the most suitable solutions and reset the industry standard anew. The people working here literally play with Photoshop to drop shadows as well as add shadows as it suits the appearance of the subject. It all starts with examining the property of the shadows to determine the course of action and how to add and drop shadow in Photoshop.


Some clients need to retain the natural attributes of the photo while some need to drop shadows and create new ones with the trendy 3D look. The accuracy in solid color adjustment is to be maintained to the perception of the subject to enhance the credibility that the Graphic Reign experts have been doing to the top-notch rating. They take the distracting colors away and eliminate any color irregularities and deal with even very minute differences before giving it a final touch up. With every pixel of irrelevant and undesirable hair, fur, and shades off from the picture and different colors of the subject properly adjusted, the product photo itself becomes self informative to the customers and likely starts sale from there reducing much of your efforts in the eCommerce arena like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.


Try Graphic Reign for free right away. We shall turn every image into artwork to become iconic for its category incredibly fast. 

Reflection Shadow

Dealing with the shadow of the object and the reflection of light is an interesting Photoshop parcel. Being able to distinguish between the reflection and the shadow is real expertise needed for this job. The glass made products, bottles, plastics, ceramic normally does not have a solid shadow. Sometimes they are best with a mix of shadow and reflection in the image. A perfect blend of shadow and reflection is the reflection of shadow. It is an artwork that only masters can deliver.

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Natural Shadow

A realistic shadow of the product sometimes becomes patchy to give the photo a lively presentation. Getting the shadow right is really important in compositing because the whole composite looks more cohesive and the subject fits better within the scene and everything just works out so much better. The tricky part of the work is getting the right shape and perspective of the shadow within the visible area. The task altogether is layer transformation so the more complex the shape of the product the more difficult creating a natural-looking shadow.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a layer style effect that is mostly used to add depth to the image content in order to separate it from the other ones or the background itself. The settings of the shadow opacity change and determine how much transparency makes the object look the best. Objects without shadow no way feel real and fail to attract the attention of the customers. Pointing a shadow to the rear side of the object or to any justifiable direction is critical to sustaining the natural look of the image.

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Retain Original Shadow

Retain original shadow is a basic cut out technique to extract an object off from the background and modifying or generating own shadow by painting it or drawing a sheep, filling it with black and then blurring it. This is a technique for accurately extracting the original shadow information from the background.

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