Photo Retouching Services

No camera can capture your photos perfectly bright and contrast to your needs. No photo gets perfect to your deep desire unless it is retouched. Here at Graphic Reign, the photo retouching service appears to be a magical solution for you. It is commonly done with a combination of some versatile tools of Photoshop. Our experts have their thought and work process directed and aligned to your needs and wants. A quicker retouch is a must in beauty and fashion-related images and most of the beautiful images, unfortunately sometimes require a couple of hours' worth of editing effects depending on the image but team Graphic Reign figured a most efficient way of saving much of your valuable time.


Photo retouching converts the dullness of the photos to a lively and gorgeous outlook making the images really clean, crisp, and dramatic at the same time with neutral and natural tones, painting the uneven areas yet the magic of keeping everything very natural looking having natural effects. Retouch high-resolution images of especially models and also eCommerce products and do some special works like spot removal, model face and all over skin makeup, lighting, and hue adjustment, etc. The creative minds at Graphic Reign exercise these wholesome works to their fingertips.


Beauty & Glamor Retouching

The actual glamor of the product and model are not captured by even high-tech cameras while shot. Sometimes you need to add glamor to beauty and enhance the existence of the subject and its surrounding in background and foreground. Removal of unprecedented spots from the subject texture, dust and unexpected blemish tone all over the photo are very essential to establish the subject appropriate glamor on the image as well as making it glow. Such images being on the web display, you can bypass much of other explanations to sell your products. The photos become self-explanatory.

Body Retouching & Reshaping

Body retouching and reshaping a subject are sometimes primary needs for the overall facelift of the image. Resizing the shape of the subject to the appropriate proportion of the display makes the entity aspect ratio quite balanced. It is a process of eliminating the gross oddness from visual experience besides adding up features to part or whole of the subject. Celebrity pictures or the pictures of the model are mainly applied with such modifications.

Modelling Portrait Retouching

It is a gross portrait retouching function that tends to bring out the best from the model photo. Professional photographers, magazine publishers, advertising agencies and anyone deals with high-resolution graphics are mainly in need of this service for the bulk image volume. Removal of all kinds of photograph bruises and cleaning up all interrupting spots, wrinkle, polishing the fluffy and extra curly hair and other relevant graphic design tactics combine the skills for modelling portrait retouching.

Digital Airbrushing

Digital airbrushing is another tactical way of beauty enrichment. It is handy in the addition of stimulus elements to the subject or product or in trimming off a portion of the shape i.e. intentional resizing yet ensuring the 100% natural vibe are prime actions. The model portrait must have the most credible appearance to the product and its features. Busy photographers and advertising agencies have most of their photos digitally airbrushed.

Portrait Cleaning & Enhancement

The images for the website must be spotless and properly brightened. The photo gallery is expected to be impressive enough to help the website visitors make their mind to purchase. Cleaning and enhancement of portraits is such an unavoidable need. Experts erase all the spots, blemishes, moles, wrinkles from the model’s skin; enlighten the insights of the image besides adding more simulators to the subject making the image livelier. Renowned photographers of both models and products working for advertising agencies, publishers are in demand of this service.

Headshots & Face Retouching

The purpose of this service is to brush away the beauty disruptors of the image such as zits, stray hairs, circles under the eyes, brighten overall from gloominess, removal of greasy and sweaty vibe. Our experts have magic hands for this skill. Their imagination combined with the sharpest and most effective Photoshop tools restore the desired appeal of the photo.

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