Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Services

Shooting a garment on a mannequin is all about getting into its actual shape. Ghost mannequin or neck joint services are the way of getting that invisible mannequin effect on the garments. Background Removal is to do before executing this service.


Ghost mannequins are normally applied to subjects like shirts, pants, jackets, converting 2D or 3D product shapes, and other garment items. You can find those in the e-Commerce platform. The rear neck portion of the garments always goes missing from the picture during photo shoots. After removing the mannequin completely from the picture and neck joint is done connecting thread to thread of the fabric or apparel accessories.


Thus the logo and the brand of the product are made exposed. Graphic Reign experts have developed some extraordinary processes in the use of the most effective and sharpest tools from image editing software. They perform ghost mannequin works artistically to give your image a fabulous look, adding more life to the subject with appropriate texture.


Image editing services in neck joint works offer the entrepreneurs multiple benefits, especially for e-business like Etsy, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. It is very cost-effective for being a superior alternative to using live models. Product photography can be kept within budget as the Graphic Reign team is there to add life and other essentials to the photo so it prompts the website visitor for a click.


Place your image for a free trial to see the sharpness of the quality Team Graphic Reign promise and provide before you order for bulk.


Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Erased portions of the mannequin expose an empty space behind the neck or the area blocked by the mannequin. Experts apply their tricks of placing the missing part of the fabric or jewelry by connecting tread to the similar thread in case of garment items, particle to particle in case of jewelry or other solid objects. The applicable product range includes all kinds of garments such as shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, complete suites, fancy-looking female and children items and all kinds of jewelry and watches.

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Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The photographers shoot the long and complete dresses in parts. There come the requirements of joining either the bottom with top or vice versa. Joining the parts of the items also demands some artworks from the experts. Our skilled team members imagine the best combination of the parts to the client’s need and piece them together for the product and ensure the maximum appeal.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The sleeveless garments items are normally shot using a mannequin to get the human body effect on the product. Sometimes the product owner demands an experimental look of the product with sleeves of different colors. The experts use their best imagination in joining the edge of the main texture with the edge of the sleeves. They have an established standard checklist of activities to rundown while performing this job. The workload ranges from normal clipping path to color change to multiple shadow operations of both foreground and background. Use of the pen tool is always handy for our photo editors who know and do the necessary blend works. The outcome is your deep desired look of the product is visual.

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